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We are canada based “UK Robotix Academy” providing summer camp and Technology training classes to kids. We teach kids future technology today, which will help your kids to grow their technical and programming skills. We offer Kids Classes in Surrey BC teach various types of programming skills and coding technology. We are a team of professionals with complementary expertise and 40 years of collective experience. We see our role in providing education and knowledge as ‘facilitators of learning’ and not simply teachers. Our Educational Robotix Specialist and our Childhood Brain Development Expert are based and work from Canada, while our founder is a Tech Pioneer and Robotics Specialist based in Surrey.UK Robotix will primarily work on two key models of robotics education, online courses and professional workshops in classrooms.

We aspire to stimulate the young minds and ignite the desire to learn more and become creative. In addition, we aspire to make education and learning pure enjoyment. We will be working towards a future where we will be able to provide individual feedback to all the students of UK Robotix.

Kids Classes in Surrey BC

We offers various types of kids classes in surrey bc to teach kids latest technology and programming. If you are looking for hobby classes or extra-curricular activity classes for your kids. Don’t wait just contact “UK Robotix Academy Canada”. We provide robotics and programming-based training classes for kids. We offering STEM, robotics, coding Pro-D Day camp for kids ages 5-18. In which kids learn all the basic knowledge of Electronics, Robotics, Programming, Drone and 3D Printing. let your kids build skills of the future while having loads of fun with our top-rated kids classes in surrey bc. If you are looking for robotics classes in surrey bc for your kids? Then we are here to help you, Contact us at UK Robotics Academy Surrey, BC for best training robotics classes for your kids.

Kids Training Classes Available for Kids

  1. Robotics Classes: In which we teach kids about robotics. What is robotics, robotics working and how to create a toy robot. We teach kids about how to program a robot.
  2. Programming Classes: We offer programming and coding classes for kids. Programming, Coding and Technology will be the most important Skills required for the next generation. If you feel like there is a massive influx of new technology and want them to be ready for new careers, you should teach your Kids Robotics Programming.
  3. STEM Classes : “UK Robotix Academy” providing robotics training and robotics programming classes to students. Student of any age can join our training program. Our robotics and embedded technology training available for both students and graduates. We offer STEM Classes for Kids in Surrey BC. UK Robotix is one of the leading academy in STEM education with a vision of teaching technology to kids and helps them to attain 21stcentury skills.
  4. 3D Printing Classes: At a high level, a 3D printer takes the material, normally plastic wrapped on a spool, heats the material, and then fuses the material layer by layer to create a three-dimensional object. The substance is extruded, or it is pulled out and deposited.
  5. Coding Classes: We offer Coding Classes in Surrey BC for your kids at UK Robotix Academy. Basic programming has become an important skill for children alike, and the marketplace is full of coding programmes for children. The benefits of acquiring this ability, particularly for children, are immense: learning how to create simple websites and games allows children to improve their design, logic and problem-solving skills.
  6. Website Programming: Web programming refers to the drafting, labelling and coding of Web material, including Web content, Web client and server scripting, and network security. The most common languages used in web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl 5 and PHP. Web programming is different from just programming, which includes interdisciplinary expertise on application, client and server scripting, and database technology.

Students will learn the essentials of Robotics by actually building themselves, rather than simply from the page, which creates an optimum learning environment for deep learning and stimulates problem solving skills.

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Phone Number: 604-503-4151

Address: 205-12057, 82 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W5V6

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