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What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines in an interdisciplinary and applied approach rather than teach the four disciplines separate. STEM programs offer innovative learning experiences for the students. Cutting edge technology, training programs, curriculum and eLearning solutions place our clients in a captivating, effective and enjoyable way for delivering this learning. Our solutions include drone’s technology, autonomous guided vehicles, robots, a large variety of hands-on science engineering kits and innovative eLearning resources to teach any possible STEM discipline. All STEM solutions are standard-based, nationally and across the state.  STEM curriculum incorporates a mixed learning model integrating teacher-led, whole-class discussion instruction with select student driven curriculum. STEM programs offer exposure to the students in multiple career fields. With those approaches, the visions and ideas of your students are formed with their own hands. An imagination and ability to learn will drive the learning experience.

Why STEM for kids?

We concentrate on these areas together because the skills and knowledge of each discipline are necessary for a student to be successful in a career focused on science. Furthermore, these areas of research are profoundly entangled in the real world. We create an immersive learning environment through workshops and activities. We tap into the strengths of students, empower students to think beyond the box and be autonomous. We believe in the saying, “You are educating a child; you are educating a child. You’re educating a woman; you’re educating a generation. “In line with this, we’re promoting empowering girls / women through motivational programmes in addition to STEM courses.

STEM is focused on the concept of educating students across four disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary manner. Rather of teaching the above-mentioned disciplines as independent subjects, STEM incorporates them into real-world applications. This course will give you a better understanding of STEM and how to transform your teaching accordingly.

STEM classes for kids in Surrey BC

“UK Robotix Academy” providing robotics training and robotics programming classes to students. Student of any age can join our training program. Our robotics and embedded technology training available for both students and graduates. We offer STEM Classes for Kids in Surrey BC. UK Robotix is one of the leading academy in STEM education with a vision of teaching technology to kids and helps them to attain 21st century skills. UK Robotix Labs are equipped with advanced technology projects and professional kits through which students can turn their creative ideas into reality. Components and machines are designed especially for school students that are safe and easy to learn. Robotics programming and coding training provided to students in STEM Classes in Surrey BC. We have experienced and and expert robotics trainer and programmer at our UK Robotix Academy. We always offer quality education to students. Robotics brings together all the STEM fields of education and learning in way no other subject can cover. It combines mechanics, physics, electronics, engineering,

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