About us

UK Robotix is a Canada based company with operational center in Surrey, BC.

We are a team of experts with complementary skills and a combined experience of 40 years. We see our role in delivering education and knowledge as ‘facilitators of information’ and not simply as ‘teachers’.

Our Educational Robotix specialist and our Childhood Brain Development expert are based and operate from Canada, while our founder is a Computer Visionary and Robotics Specialist based in India.

UK Robotix will primarily be working on two main models of delivering robotics education, online courses and expert-led workshops in schools.

Our online courses are designed to motivate and excite young learners by teaching them the skills they need to create their own robotics devices, while at the same time help them gain a deeper understanding in the application of these different areas of study.

Our expert workshops will lead teams of students in a guided discovery approach. Working in teams develops communication skills, confidence and leadership alongside cutting edge science, design and computing skills. Students will learn the essentials of Robotics by actually building themselves, rather than simply from the page, which creates an optimum learning environment for deep learning and stimulates problem solving skills.


Our Mission

The future belongs to designers, story tellers and creative thinkers, and our mission is to prepare every child in Canada to rise to this challenge.

We are passionate about teaching technology to kids, and driven by the concept of a STEM Education. UK Robotix will be working to develop and deliver the highest quality interactive learning which is most inspiring and inventive to appeal the young minds. This style of learning will help create the visionaries and critical thinkers of the next generation, one student at a time.

We aspire to bring about the transition of students from the current passive way of learning to a more interactive and hands on learning to make them tomorrows creators and innovators. We understand the pressure points of the learning mind, we know that stress shuts the creative mind and fun opens the curiuos mind, we want to begin a sea change in how education is delivered in Canada.

We at UK Robotix aims to faciliate hands-on learning through our online and offline courses which are educational withfun learning environments and where students are empowered with the autonomy, tools and skills they need to reimagine the future tech-driven world through the channel of creativity.

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to join us
Experienced Instructors
All our Instructors are fully experienced and have a good profile in the Robotics field. They are passionate, motivated, innovative thinkers with a can-do attitude.
We offer you a variety of courses and program at very low cost with easy payment plans to fit in your budget. So for parents now it’s more easily to inverts in your child future with UK Robotix
Flexible Delivery Options
Our programs are delivered during the school term, on weekends and during the school holidays giving our students and their parents the flexibility to choose a program that fits in with their schedules and other commitments.
Courses For Every Age
UK Robotix programs cater to every child and their level of skills or experience. We also provide multiple delivery options with face-to-face or online training available to best suit the needs of our kids and parents.