Pankaj Bagga


Pankaj Bagga

Co-Founder and CTO

A fantastict, first rate teacher who has the ability to raise the performance levels of all pupils and learners……

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Personal Summary

Pankaj Bagga is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of ‘UK Robotix’. He was born and brought up in Punjab, India. Pankaj went on to complete his bachelor of technology (hons) in Electronics and Communication. He then went on to complete a specialization in Robotics and Computer Vision at University in Bergandy, France. He has since worked with various European countries on research and development projects and as a technology advisor.

Pankaj is an entrepreneur and robotic technologist. He currently works with a range of technologies; Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Computer Vision. Pankaj has completed more than 400 Projects as CEO of ‘E2MATRIX Research LAB’. He prides himself on keeping on top of cutting edge technologies and has a passion for innovation. Pankaj has conducted many workshops/seminars teaching latest technology to students at university level in India.

Pankaj has passion to encourage STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) education in India and other countries. He particularly wants to share his expertise with school children, who are the future of the technology he studies. This led him to co-found ‘UK Robotix’ with his UK counterparts as a platform to teach technology to kids.

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